Welsh Pony

We lost Snickers to colic in the early morning hours of Valentines Day, 2004. Snickers was a 42" Welsh pony that was originally purchased from the Simco family and was Justin Fragala's first pony. So at the young age of 14, Snickers is now running free in horsie heaven.

Snickers made his showing appearance with Taylor Killeen and together they won the heart's of everyone who watched them, both being so cute. Next the lead-line show world was stunned with the cuteness of Justin Fragala and Snickers. In the years following, several others were touched by Snickers: Brooklynn Wiseley, Travis Chandler, and Kevin Chandler. In 2004, Garrett Fragala was planning on showing Snickers, marking the next generation to show this great pony. There are some pictures of the older 4-Hers riding him and trying to keep him entertained while going into the arena. Snickers was the official gate keeper of the arena.

Julie Sheppard says that she is going to have to go out and kick a board down around the arena every now and then just to keep up Snickers weekly naughty habit -- he was the master of escape and feared no fence.